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The web pages you see here serve as a compendium of the author's humble journey in life...a travelogue, or, a reminder of life's fascinating complexity, as well as, a learning experience about the world we live in (well, most of).

Please excuse the haziness of most pictures here, as a lot of them were just scanned from old, actual photo prints. Those were the days when digital photography was just a dream of the future...Now, not only a reality, but also, a way of life!

On to the pictures...

Al-Hair and Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 1981:

These pix were my halcyon days in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where I worked from April 1981 to June of 1983. First pic is a typical oasis in the Arabian desert, where we we visited some nearby friends working for a greenhouse owner. 2nd pic is, yours truly, hard at work...systems encoder/support for a medium-sized Arabian cement/gravel company in Al-Hair - about 30 miles south of the capital, Riyadh. 3rd pic is at work - office lobby with co-employee and UNIX programmer, Ed Austria. Systems is basically a then, relatively high-end, Fortune Systems running UNIX and MS-DOS. Last pic in this series is atop a pedestrian bridge in downtown Riyadh (in Al-Batha), with a college mate, Dennis Damayo, who worked as an engineer also in Riyadh, KSA.

Singapore, 1988:


Young and foolish in '88...I just packed my bags and went! With hardly any pocket money, I cobbled a package tour to Singapore and neighboring Malaysia (via a longish bus ride through the border of Singapore with Malaysia-- Johor Bahru).

Stayed in a nice, 4-star hotel (Hotel Furama) in downtown Singapore but had to conserve my money by eating lots of cheap but steamy-good noodles in Singapore's open markets as well as the malls! Had a then, state-of-the-art, Sony Compact Disc Player (yehey!) after this trip plus lots of nice - and yes, they're very cheap in Singapore - jazz CDs to boot!

Also, by chance, I ran into a very humble, high-school classmate/friend (Malate Catholic School) en-route to Malaysia via Singapore where he worked as a geologist - Edgar Fetiza! As a treat, we went bar-hopping in this relatively, compact island-nation!

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