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Kupitero is a technical buff and had been fiddling with personal computers since 1978. He started with the Motorola-powered Commodore PET until he upgraded to the then, state-of-the-art, and legendary Apple II in 1980. From then on, he had been an avid fan & close watcher of the development and growth of the personal computer industry.

A self-confessed Steve Jobs fan, he has attended many MacWorld Expos and had seen oodles of COMDEX (Las Vegas) shows as well.


Computers/Gadgets Used


75-77 ...still dreaming to own a PC...Punch-cards still basic I/O device!...Shows off dot-matrix Playboy pin-ups printed on dinosaur-like mainframes! Altair 8800, IMSAI, KIM1, Apple I, OSI 400,Sol, Poly 88, Apple II, Commodore PET, TRS-80 Model I, SwTPC (6800-based, 2 disk drives), Horizon (Z-80, based, 16K RAM, 5.25 drive)
1978 Commodore PET Exidy Sorcerer, Heathkit H8, Ohio Scientific Superboard II
1979 Commodore PET Atari 400 and 800, Texas Instruments TI-99/4, TRS-80 Model II
1980 Apple II Tandy's TRS-80 Color & Model III, Commodore Vic- 20, Apple II+, Apple III, Sinclair ZX-80
1981 Apple II+ Osborne 1, IBM PC, Xerox Star, TI-99/4A
1982 Tandy TRS-80 Model II, Apple II+ Commodore C-64, Tandy TRS Model 16, Grid Compass (portable), Compaq PC (PC clone)
1983 Commodore VIC-20, TRS-80 Color Computer, Sinclair ZX-80 Apple Lisa, Apple IIe, IBM PC-XT, TRS-Model 100, HP-150 Touchscreen and other IBM-clones from various cos., like Eagle, DEC, TI, HP, TeleVideo, Compaq, etc
1984 IBM-PC (clone) Apple Macintosh, Apple IIc, HP 110 (portable), IBM PC Jr. SORD IS-11
1985 Apple IIe, IBM-PC XT IBM PC-286 & clones
1986 Apple IIe, IIc, PC-XT & Mac Plus Apple IIGS, Apple Mac-512K and Mac Plus
1987 Apple Mac Plus w/Apple Personal Modem, HP-150 Touchscreen IBM PC-386 & clones, Sun & SGI
1988 PC 286, Mac Plus w/ modem & StyleWriter printer Apple IIc Plus, Mac SE, SE/30, Mac II, NeXT
1989 Mac SE. Mac SE/30, Apple IIGS IBM PC-486 & clones
1990's PC-386 clones, 486's Pentiums, Macs, PowerBooks, PowerPC, iMac (Bondi Blue), Palm Professional/other PDAs.... Pentium series, Mac, Apple Newton, PowerMacs, PowerBooks, iBooks, G3/G4 iMacs, PDAs, WebTV, subnotebooks,  Aplio/Internet Appliances, smartphones, WebPads
early 2000's P3/P4 notebooks, 3Com Audrey, Netpliance, iMac G3 & G4, G4 iBook, Palm III, V, VII and Palm Tungsten C, iPod, Sony MiniDisc, Treo 270 & Treo 600 HDTV, P4/Centrino, 64-bit AMD Athlons, Palm, RIMM, other PDAs, Apple G5, WiFi-enabled gadgets, plasma displays, iPod, multi-use routers, Treo 600/650, Media centers, flash devices
2005/2006 Mac G4(Sawtooth)/iBook, iMac G5, P4 (3.2Ghz), Treo 650, iPod Nano, LifeDrive, Mac mini (Intel Core Duo), Palm T|X Apple G5 XServe, Mac mini, iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano/Video, Dual Core /64-bit PCs w/ BTX form factor & PCI Express slots, Palm T|X, Motorola ROKR, Treo 680/700w & p MacPro
2007-2009 Intel Core2 Duo PC, iMac Core2 Duo, AMD 64 X2 Dual Core PC, Garmin NUVI, Nokia N810, iPod Nano (v3), AMD Phenom, Netgear EVA 9150 (Entertainer Elite), AMD Phenom II, Roku XR, Palm Pre Apple iPhone, Intel Quad-core, WiFi 802.11N, 32GB Flash memory, iPod Touch, MacBook Air,  AMD Barcelona, AMD Istanbul, Palm Pre, Android phones, Core i7Extreme




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1. Use a multi-function router if you have a broadband connection to max out the usage - and your money!

2. Unless money is no object, upgrade your PC on the second processor revision - not  immediately on the next.  Hence, if have a P4, upgrade when the Quad-core is released.  If you have a Mac - upgrade to the G5 or the Intel Core 2 Duos if you have the older G3.

3. Increase your computer's memory and use the latest BIOS and tweak it -- to max out the speed.  Even an  old Pentium 233MMX  with 128MB of RAM can outperform a 333 Mhz Celeron running with a paltry 64MB of RAM.

4. If you're using dial-up, NEVER  buy a WinModem (or CPU- assisted modem).  Also, avoid motherboards with built-in video and modem.  Built-in sound should be okay.

5. It's better to buy an old but durable laser printer than a fancy, new  ink-jet printer -- lasers will cost you less in the long run!

6. WiFi may be in, but,  crossover cables can still do the job if you only have two PCs to network - and, it is much faster !

7. Plan, before you 'burn' any CD or DVD...and, help save the environment!!

8. Use a KVM (Keyboard-Video-Display) switch...if you have multi-platform PCs in the house to minimize clutter.

8. It's a good idea to refill a used ink-jet cartridge BUT only up to a certain number of times - 3X or 4X would be ideal.  Then, buy a fresh one - the hassle is not worth your precious time!