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Streaming Live Webcast of Kupitero's Keep - featuring a lot of Brasilian, Jazz, & selected Original Pilipino Music (OPM)  - Moderated and broadcasted LIVE from San Lorenzo or Fremont, CA. 

 Requirements: PC: Windows Media Player (ver 9 or better) Mac or PC: Apple's iTunes (Windows 2000/XP or Mac OS X only ).  Download it for FREE here.

Alternate ways to listen to iRADIO broadcast: 

 a) Simply copy and paste the link below in your compatible, streaming media player (QuickTime, Windows MP (ver. 9.0 or better), Real Audio, WinAmp, XMMS, etc).  In your media player, click on, File...then...Open URL (or, Open Stream) and paste the URL below


b) If you have Apple's iTunes (Mac or PC) or, the latest Windows Media Player 11 (WMP 11), simply click the link below and the broadcast stream will play automatically under iTunes (by simply choosing 'OPEN' in the corresponding dialog box) or WMP11.  It's that simple!


c). Or, you could also use the pop-up player (requires QuickTime 7 plug-in as well).  If broadcast status above is "ON-THE-AIR", simply click on the "LISTEN NOW" button below:

FEATURED  Albums/Artists:


Pat Metheny/Jose-Roberto Bertrami/Twist of Jobim/Torcuato Mariano



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  © Copyright 1994-2017  Kupitero's Keep™ All rights reserved




First, please click the REFRESH button on your browser to check the real-time broadcast status.

The pop-up player uses Apple's QuickTime 7 browser plug-in or WMP 11 to play the radio webcast stream, automatically.

It takes about 10 or more seconds after the pop-up screen has loaded for the stream to start playing.

If you see a message "-3285 Disconnected" or similar, it means the radio stream is temporarily unavailable. Please try later!

If you see the message "Playing" but can't hear anything, check your computer's volume settings. Some streams we play are the quiet type, particularly, jazz.

If you get a message "UNeedQT4.qti", it means that you don't have the QuickTime plugin (ver 4.0 or better required). You can download (it's FREE) it from the link provided below.

You can visit Apple's Quicktime plug-in check page, to check if you have QuickTime correctly installed in your browser.


The pop-up player is the easiest way to listen to the stream, but if it doesn't work for you (or, if you just prefer it this way),simply open the stream directly in any compatible media player (e.g. iTunes, WinAmp, Quicktime, XMMS or Windows Media Player (v9.0 or higher).

a. If you have iTunes, to open the stream, simply try the alternative link (#2) above.

You'll see that iTunes will launch and will automatically open the broadcast  stream.

b. If not, simply copy and paste the alternative link (#1) above in the dialog box in the: "Open URL..." or "Open Stream" menu in your music software!